Tuesday, May 29, 2012

SIDIM Design Show Montreal 2012

Back from a truly incredible design show in Montreal..I've uploaded a few highlights for you..some from the show, some my experience with my design colleagues.

The first picture is right before we hit the town for our first dinner, little did I know our riveting design rants would take us well in to the wee hours of the morning-I wasn't exactly smiling like this the next morning..

Cavalli's restaurant.. hot pink lighting made us all look 10 years younger.

 Lobby of Hotel, lovely.

 Would love to use these red doors in a photo shoot.

Entrance to the show.

This artist actually plates garbage with gold or silver..this is a wheelbarrow!

Of course we had to make immature jokes about the wood animals.

This is a bronze coloured fridge.

 Plaid lawn furniture? Hmm, not sure about this one.

Love these funky coloured cord lights..

 I will be using these wood panels in an upcoming project..

Yes, this is a shoe shaped bathtub..

 Designer lunch in a cabana.

 This restaurant is actually called Hambar, yes-that really is a bunch of ham displayed in the window!

Good thing I've got all this inspiration to tackle the mountain of work on my desk!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Montreal Design Show

I have an exciting travel week ahead, visiting Montreal for SIDIM:

Here's the scoop:
The SIDIM was born December 7, 1989. This was the first living Canadian to design together under one roof, interior designers, architects, distributors, business people, consultants, targeted consumers and many journalists. Three days of intense networking in the most beautiful square in North America!
The  24, 25 and 26 May 2012 , the Great Hall of Place Bonaventure will be transformed into an impressive exhibition space strictly design. Some 300 companies and creators, here and elsewhere, will present a new range of diversified products and services custom architecture and design.
The SIDIM is the contemporary living room with the latest innovations of design, architecture and construction. Our exhibitors have in common to be leaders of industry or business succession, chosen for their quality products and excellence in their respective fields. Each of them involved in SIDIM in order to strengthen its customer base and explore new markets.
The SIDIM is more than 20,000 visitors who visit the Fair in search of architectural and design products or services of specialists to meet their needs in order to conclude, from our exhibitors, sales that take longer than one year to materialize in the regular network.

I will check back in with a fresh batch of pictures upon my return...

Monday, May 21, 2012

HD Design Las Vegas 2012

To say we had a fabulous time during our recent trip to Las Vegas for the Hospitality Design Expo is putting it mildly. The amount of design eye candy was simply incredible. I snapped many photos to share with you but really, they don't do the experience justice. Here is a sampling of the inspiring products I was so lucky to have seen...

Notice the restaurant seating? So cool- we ate here..

Breakfast here...

This dresser with nailheads could be a DIY..

These butterfly images are on stamped & dyed leather..

Skulls on leather !! Yes!!

These twirly fixtures are made out of wood..

Wood panels made from recycled wine barrels..

Andrew, Cheryl and I at the Ceasars Palace VIP pool party.

Blueman Group!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Las Vegas Hospitality Design

I am so fortunate this year to be attending the Hospitality Design Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada!

The HD Expo is the premier trade show for the hospitality design industry bringing together over 900 exhibitors and over 7,000 attendees to Las Vegas each May. Presented by Hospitality Design magazine, the show is at the forefront of offering the newest and most innovative products and services, encouraging and sharing ideas, providing inspiration and connecting the industry.

I will be snapping lots of pictures to show everyone upon my return!

Viva Las Vegas!!~

Friday, May 4, 2012

West Coast Style

My segment on West Coast Style aired on CTV, thank you to everyone who wrote in with kind words about the show! You can watch the online version here:


You can also find source links to the items we featured..

Thank you for watching!

Amanda Forrest Interiors-Featured in,

Amanda Forrest Interiors-Featured in,
Spectacular Homes of Western Canada
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