Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bathroom before and After

Here is an example of a great cosmetic make-over we completed- for this clients renovation we left the layout alone and updated everything but the white vanity and tub...we went with a less expensive field tile for the floor and tub surround....

Here is our plumber and carpenter replacing old plumbing inside the wall and attaching our new countertop-we stuck with a nice stone looking laminate to keep costs in check but splurged on a beautiful penny round tile as an accent around the vanity.

These bad boys where $50.00 per square foot so we used them sparingly-they where worth every penny

Here is the finished result...


Decorating with Buddha

Please welcome Katie with an interesting guest post...
Hi, I’m Katie, from , an online retailer of modern furniture, lighting and décor.

Who’s better for bringing tranquility and calmness into your home than Buddha himself? While it would be interesting to decorate with Buddha himself, what we really mean is decorating with Buddha-influenced décor! It seems in every home magazine and website you look, buddhas are popping up as fixtures in rooms and outdoor spaces. And since Amanda blogged last week about her love for skulls, I thought it’d be fun to go for the opposite of rock-n-roll and tap into the zen side of home decor!

 In the left image above we have a modern living room with a Buddha head resting on the mantel, and the right-hand image is just a closer shot. The bright lighting and natural elements are enhanced by the calm presence of the Buddha. As you can see, there is not much else Zen or Asian-inspired within this living room, so the Buddha brings a hint of whimsical surprise along with its natural feng shui.

The next image is of Kyle Richard’s (of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) previous living room. As you can see, this living room boasts not one but TWO Buddhas – one head over the fireplace and one statue in the corner. This living room has less going on than the previous image, yet has similar vibrancy and natural aspects, yet it is a tad more tranquil and minimalistic. Could it be the effect of two Buddhas over one? Quite possibly…

This third image isn’t quite as inspirational in design as the others, yet it shows the Buddha in a painting, which is another interesting way to bring the tranquility of the style into your home. The painting also shows that you’re not limited to Buddha statues or busts when incorporating this beautiful Asian influence. At Inmod, we also have a room partition with a Buddha painting on it so that you can elicit tranquility to the fullest!

What are your thoughts on decorating with buddhas? Do you enjoy their Asian style and serenity or do you find it too religious and symbolic for your décor?

Thank you, Amanda, for allowing me to guest post here! Be sure to check out Inmod for all of your home accessories and modern décor, which if this post inspired you, contains many Buddha-related items!

Credits: house beautiful (page 2, 8) ,,

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Skulls in home decorating

It's weird..I know. I have a thing for skulls. Yes-your gasping..I know, I said it's weird. I should say more so that it is a surprise to clients if I bring up the whole "skull" thing. They say ,,,what..YOU? Yes, me. This is the perfume I wear. No skulls here but it describes me well.

This is a room with a skull pillow that I adore, I have this in a file to use as inspiration if I have a client who has a skull thing like me.

Here's another example of a skull pillow done well, in my opinion anyway.

This wallpaper would look so great on the inside of a closet..or a cool boys room.

These are the pen holders in my office...from Urban Barn.


Monday, September 12, 2011

up- cycled chair

Here is a before picture of this pretty little cane backed number we picked up for $30.00! The pink seat had to go but the chair was in perfect shape....

Here is Jenni...hard at work carrying in our newly re-upholstered chair ($80.00)

Here is the up-cycled chair in the left corner of the room...(don't mind the wrinkled linens, we hadn't got that far yet when this shot was taken) We have a steamer who we call Tobi-steaming things is what Jenni and I hate the most next to removing extra sticky price tags.


Lighting Ideas for Powder Rooms

Hello Dear Awesome Readers,
Today’s guest post is from Susi, a writer for Arcadian Lighting. Visit their website and cool blog for more information about interior design, lighting design, and beautiful light fixtures. Enjoy!

The powder room is a jewel box of a room in the home. These diminutive spaces can be a challenge to decorate and light despite their small footprint. Here are 8 lighting ideas for powder rooms. Hope you find them inspiring!
Lighting for Powder Rooms
Emily A. Clark (via)
A decorative pendant light adds sparkle and style to a powder room. An interesting ceiling fixture will draw the eye up and is a great way to highlight a tall ceiling in a small space.
Lighting for Powder Rooms
SF Girl by the Bay (via)
The powder room by definition is a small half bathroom. This means space is limited. A close to ceiling light with feminine lines suits this pink, feminine powder room.
Lighting for Powder Rooms
House of Turquoise (via)
A pair of wall sconces flanking a mirror is a classic lighting choice for a powder room. The side lighting is more flattering than a vanity light above the mirror.
Lighting for Powder Rooms
Just a Touch of Gray (via)
Charming small light fixtures are perfect for the small footprint of the powder room. A diminutive capiz shell chandelier hung is hung in the corner of this powder room.
Lighting for Powder Rooms
Classic Casual Home (via)
Mirrors are great for making a small space feel bigger. Hanging a large mirror above the sink leaves no room for lighting. Solution? Mount wall sconces on the walls perpendicular to the sink.
Lighting for Powder Rooms
La Dolce Vita (via)
A sparkly petite chandelier adds glam to even the smallest of spaces. This mirror lined room will reflect the crystals beautifully.
Lighting for Powder Rooms
Pinterest (via)
A two-light vanity light provides enough light for a small bathroom. Find a vanity light that suits the décor in both style and finish.
Lighting for Powder Rooms
Cote de Texas (via)
Lighting in the powder room is a chance to do something interesting. Just as a powder room is a great space for a bold patterned wallpaper, it can also be the perfect spot for an antique, vintage or unusual light fixture find.

Content provided by Arcadian Lighting, a site that specializes in top quality lighting fixtures at extremely affordable prices. If you like this post, be sure to stop by the Arcadian Lighting blog and say hello!

Friday, September 9, 2011

How a design concept is born

People often ask me how we come up with concepts for a space. That's a good question...usually it's  something really small, a piece of fabric, art, tile-something that seems to have that particular client's name written all over it. I'm a great listener, I'm sure most designers are-I take lots of notes while at my first client meeting. I want the space to evoke a special feeling for them when it's complete. Most times, at that first meeting I can start to visualize the room transforming, as if a blurry picture coming in to clarity. From there I start to pull together the key colour combo and pieces that we will eventually use as "anchor" pieces-the really special items that are going in the space.

This is what a concept looks like before we present it to our client:

It generally takes a good two hours to present our concepts as there is lots of info for everyone to digest. Our goal is always to have this type of reaction when the space is complete:

"We  are more than thrilled with the results! Stunning! It is very evident the time and effort you have put in to bring this all together for us so beautifully! It is clear you went above and beyond!
We both want to thank you for the passion and dedication you put into your projects!
We would love the opportunity to toast you with a glass of wine sometime. We feel so very fortunate to have had you enter our lives! these rooms make us feel very special indeed!"

Thank you so much!
Gratefully, Brenda and Ken.
We are so apreciative for our wonderful clients,

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a summer BBQ hosted by IDC (Interior Designers of Canada)- the BBQ was to benefit the Designer Survivors Tour, supporting the BC Cancer Foundation.Here are a few snapshots of some of our industries talented guests.

 We had perfect weather for the event, which was hosted by The Westin Resort Bear Mountain.
 The group enjoyed a beautiful array of food and drinks, as well as complimentary mini spa treatments by Sante Spa, Bear Mountain.

To find out more or donate to this important cause, please visit The Designer Survivors Tour website.

Amanda Forrest Interiors-Featured in,

Amanda Forrest Interiors-Featured in,
Spectacular Homes of Western Canada
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