Monday, October 3, 2011

Pillow overload

We recently sent 20 some odd pillows to our seamstress to be sewn up..yes-she gave me a look. I spent an hour and a half checking fabrics and tagging them all to go-when a fabric arrives at the office, we open the bolt, check to ensure the fabric is as we ordered and has no flaws. From there we cut a small piece of and attach it to our label-a tag that lists things like the clients name, room, fabric name and colour, type of pillow and size we need sewn.

Here's what the hall to my office looked like:

The most common type of pillow we ask for is called a knife edge-this is a plain square or rectangle pillow with a zipper, often we have paid enough for the fabric so we leave it at that, but it you had something more simple-you could embellish more.

Love this owl themed fabric (below) for a little girls room we are working on!

Black and white striped fabric from Ikea is for an Alice in Wonderland themed playroom.


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Amanda Forrest Interiors-Featured in,
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