Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Easy Upholstered Headboard How To

We had lots of questions regarding the cost break down on this post, so we added the cost breakdown at the bottom of the post!
This past summer we had the pleasure of meeting Andrea, a kind soul looking to surprise her husband with a master bedroom make-over. A happy project like this one is right up our alley.
Andrea's bedroom was a little on the bland side, not really screaming romance or relaxation. Here is what we started with-"ya baby this tone of blah really brings out your eyes.."
Here is our good sport Andrea helping us out. We started by having all the wood cut for us at a local home store. Basically it is just plywood with a frame. We screwed it together on site. 
We purchased quilt batting from a fabric store, laid it out and stapled the sides like wrapping a present. That's Jenni eyeing things up..

Andrea was a little nervous of the back firing staple gun-but she was a trooper and put her back in to it for the sake of a beautiful bargain headboard!


This is what it looks like once we flipped it over-still blah but getting somewhere..


Next comes the fun part-Fabric. We chose a somewhat Moroccan style fabric to compliment the carpet colour that was already in the room. We lined up the pattern across the top then put in a few staples to hold it secure. From here we where able to flip it up and make sure the pattern was straight. This took 2 yards of fabric.

Just to seem professional, we added a dust cover made of drapery lining to the back.



Here we are proud of ourselves.


Next comes the other finishing touches- a dresser, side tables, linens and a chandelier.


Both Jenni and I hate steaming fabrics but it's a big part of pretty much every room we finish-we often wish we could steam the wrinkles out of our faces instead.
So, here you go in case you have forgotten what this room looked like before:

And here is the after, completed for about $3,000- not including the mattress/box spring.


We ordered the custom Monogrammed pillow from Etsy.



Extra Information:

Here is a photo of the other wall, this shows some of the clients photos and a picture of the cane back chair we repourposed.


Okay-money break down, here it is! These prices include the 12% HST we pay in BC.
  • Sears Bateman Dresser : 379.97
  • Sears Bateman Highboy (not seen): 449.97
  • Sears Bateman Nightstands x2 : 335.93
  • Upholstered headboard Fabric : 400.00 (includes wood)
  • Lamps x 2 Pier 1 Imports : 280.00
  • Frames: 201.16
  • Accent Fabric for red pillow and custom pillow :120.00
  • Upholstered chair: 280.00 (30.00 for chair plus fabric and upholstery)
  • Side accent table : 60.00
  • Accessories/ 700 thread count linens : 300.00
  • Chandelier (home depot) and electrician: 425.60

Total: $3220.63

Client painted the walls herself,owned the floor mirror and TV.


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  1. Love this post, just what I've been wanting to do in my own bedroom. Thanks for the how-to! :)


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