Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How to display a Stairwell Gallery

We recently had a request to transform this stairwell into a gallery space for a talented young photographer. This stairwell was nicknamed by the clients as "the walk of doom"-you can see why...

For the transformation we added new stair treads, new carpet and nicer hand rail supports. We also painted the walls a lighter shade to make the black and white photography pop.

Below displays us starting to lay out the prints, about 25 of them. In order to make final placement location on the wall simpler, we traced each frame on to paper and cut out the pattern, this allows us to stick the paper to the wall and play around with the design until we are happy with the picture location.

In this case we had to set up some make shift scaffolding in order to reach high enough, we took advantage of the plank that had been already set up in order to change out the light fixture to something more graphic.

Here we go, my co-worker and I get to work adding all the cut outs to the wall, once in place we mark the location of the nails and hang all the prints.

Our client is thrilled with the finished result shown below,

Again-the before:

And the after!

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Amanda Forrest Interiors-Featured in,
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