Monday, January 25, 2010

Spray Paint was pretty nice this past Saturday, this gave me a chance to try out a new spray paint colour called Pewter. The company who has come out with this subdued shade is called Krylon-available at Wal-mart. I primed the ceramic pot first just to be safe-the paint went on flawless-take a look...

This is the Thrift store pot before-$1.00
Below is the Thrift store pot spray painted. I then added a couple of grocery store iris'-Voila!
Total project cost $5.00 (not including spray paint)

Give it a try,

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Word on the that I am a "new kid on the block". Thanks to Ivan Meade for his insightful article in YAM - You and Me :: Living Smart-a beautiful full colour, quality magazine published by Page One in Victoria BC. Ivan wrote about our vibrant design community-booming with an "impressive community of designers". I am grateful to be listed amongst such inspiring talent, as "one to watch", along side
Lana Lounsbury and Jenny Martin to name a few.
What a pleasure to have such an incredible city to draw inspiration from. YAM Magazine is currently available at Chapters in Victoria BC or by subscription at: Page One Publishing.
Thanks again Ivan!

Monday, January 18, 2010

House to die for....really, this house is not my "typical style" this being said, I would move there in an instance. For those design addicts who have seen "It's Complicated"-you know what I am talking pay more attention to the background then the movie. I had to laugh when I came upon this photo-so cute, really. Can you imagine! It seemed so intimate in the movie, but really, this is life I guess.
Isn't this the ultimate dinner party? Personally, I have never been invited to a beautiful room like this. The round black table is a gorgeous staple of this dining room, very conducive to fun , happy conversation, the slipcovered chairs are a bit country for me-but look perfect in this environment.

The entire house was decorated by Beth Rubino-set decorator for Something's Got to Give. I would have never thought to throw in that dark orange chair, but it looks dynamite!

Wow, a kitchen with two islands, this kitchen was rarely seen in the movie but there is an interesting trick here, the slate look counters are actually wood counter tops- painted to look like slate.

This is the original "Something's Got to Give" living room. Famous for it's Hampton's styling, so much so that it has developed it's own style name-the "Something's Got to Give" look.
This makes me want a home in the Hampton's!!
Good evening everyone....

Friday, January 15, 2010

Animal house?? I realised when I mentioned "leather"-that my client's cat had priority over "good design" by the look of horror on her, not with our dear cat she smiled. Alrighty then. As someone who currently has no animals, hair, scratching, etc. does not really come to mind when designing a space, although, apparently it should. So, this prompted me to blog about animals on furniture, there are some pretty funny shots listed below, the first one, with all the Weirmaraners on the sofa is my favorite, I have always admired that type of dog, and they look so graceful taking over the sofa. So, enjoy all my animal loving clients & readers...

Credit-House and Home

Credit-Real Simple Have a great weekend,

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Design...rain or shine. Every year, about this time, I feel slightly frustrated that every single sample I pick up seems to be in the rain-fabric in the rain, chairs in the rain, art in the get the idea. This prompted my post about fashionable umbrellas. There are some great designs out there, making you hold your head high while strutting with your "oh so cool" rain gear. The colourful ones below are from Modern

Moving along to something that made me laugh my head off-it seems this is the umbrella of future?I can help but think you may find it stuffy or steamy in there...

And riding a bike? I'm sorry, I am still laughing...

Perhaps I have offended some readers, if so I apologize, for those who are interested, you may purchase the above "bubble boy" type umbrella at Please call me before you head out so I can drive by and take a look, ha-ha....(sorry)
Bye for now,

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wake up to this beside you??? I need an alarm clock that greets me with visual "joy"in the morning...I decided this on a whim-my alarm clock had been good for years, but esthetically, it's hideous and frankly embarrassing. So, with this new mental obsession nagging at me I went on the hunt to all the usual stores, walmart, Canadian tire, superstore...but nothing, just plain old alarm clocks...nothing that goes with my glam bedroom. Some online searching brought me to this baby (below) a shiny new mirrored clock radio, hopefully it will be as stunning in person as it is in my mind when it arrives!
Take a look at your nightstand, is your clock radio photo shoot worthy? If not, you can pick this beauty through Tech Depot Canada. It's $40.97 + shipping.
Sweet "clock" dreams,

Sunday, January 10, 2010

For the love of paper....

Wallpaper addictions. What happened to us? We loathed wallpaper for awhile, obsessively steaming and stripping it in favour of a clean neutral paint finish. Now, thanks to "I'm not sure who"...we love it. Wallpaper has come a long way baby...the newest papers are elegant, graphic, glamorous and down right cool. These are just a few that wallpaper maker extraordinaire, Graham & Brown carries, but more and more we are accepting this renewed version of grandmas country pigs and word of advice-borders are out..still...don't even go there.

Friday, January 8, 2010

I have hair salons on he mind...I had my hair cut by a new stylist today...awesome girl...ugly salon. I sat there for 2 hours re-designing the place in my mind...I think the last time it was renovated was when this was in style (below). How did I end here you ask?? I accosted a woman in Costco who had a cool cut...and low and behold...I ended up at you know where..ugly salon.
This prompted my afternoon mind obsession to be salons...which led me to look at this amazing salon in NYC-Pipino salon, I wish I could pack up that stylist and go there...this is hair glam! (below)
Have a beautiful weekend everyone,

Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's a honour just being "blogged about"....Thanks to Decor pad for posting some of my Benjamin Moore work as inspiration to readers....

Amanda Forrest Interiors-Featured in,

Amanda Forrest Interiors-Featured in,
Spectacular Homes of Western Canada
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